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Our Supporters

A giant curtsey and bow to our Farlorian Noble level supporters. We are forever in your debt!

  • Kim Bellinger — Bringing Canadian greatness and kindness to the rest of the world!
  • Kona
  • Ryan Cushman
  • Pierce

A special place in our hearts for our House of Healing Benefactors, without whom we could not do what we do:

And we can never thank our generous House of Healing Specialist donors enough:

  • Penina Finger — Artist and Pattern Designer!
  • David Dixon — Voice actor and new media wizard!
  • Xqua In The Moon
  • Witchy Momo — A wonderful illustrator!
  • Rhea Howard
  • Waning Gibbous Games — The makers of Larceny, a light hearted heist-themed party game!
  • Wil Williams Reviews — Truly inspiring podcast news, reviews, and musings.
  • The Beacon Podcast — An urban fantasy audio drama we are SUPER excited about!
  • Kim E — An amazing supporter of all things indie and wonderful!
  • Hugh MacLeod — The creator and Chief Improv Officer of Staircase Improv in Hamilton, Ontario!
  • Christopher Gronlund is our hero, a great writer and the creator of Not About Lumberjacks — one of our favourite short fiction podcasts.
  • Mottel Zirkind — One of the nicest guys and a name to watch in the programming/game world!!!
  • Colt Chapin — At work on a super secret but awesome project we hope to link to here soon!
  • Alex/AudioDramaRama — A most lovely and inclusive resource for podcast recommendations, reviews and interviews with your favourite producers!
  • Amelia Cates — One of our most lovely and ardent supporters!
  • Forrest Demman — Listening to us from helicopters, in ponds and deep in the wilds of Canada!
  • TinTin Kalaw — Goodreader. Ravenclaw. Prone to shouting at phone while listening to our show!
  • Marie Bélanger — An artist and urban explorer often seen on the streets of Grandville near the Axe and Crown
  • Joshua Goldschmidt — The King of Gaming and all things related!!
  • Alicia W‑C.
  • Sergio V.
  • Kristi Boulton — A truly dear friend, improviser and actress.
  • Tyler A.
  • Sabine S.
  • Jennifer C. — Showing later generations where it is at!
  • Russ More — the GM of Dumbgeons and Dragons, a truly amazing D&D 5e Live Play show we adore.
  • Mallory V. — Sharing the love for audio fiction and theatre to as many people as possible!
  • Jeff L. — Supporting some truly amazing audio fiction shows! Thank you!
  • Ela
  • Liam B. — Looking for some new podcasts? Check out Liam’s Lovely Listens.
  • Jimmy Chann
  • ClaudiaPriscus
  • Jo — Runs an Etsy shop which regularly features profanity, rainbows and internet references.
  • Sonya Karpelevitch
  • Rob Wilson
  • Karla-Anne Knapp
  • Sharon Grafton
  • Lucas Oster
  • Ellen TK — Be sure to check this site for some truly stunning art!
  • Victoria Bechtold
  • Evelyn Jones
  • Alice Ebenhoe
  • Dr. Michelle Booze and their amazing t‑shirts!
  • Waffle Sorter
  • Rachel Rauch of Nine Realm Productions!
  • Kathi Sindelar
  • Chris LeBlanc

You can help too — check out our Patreon page, and get yourself some perks!