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Alba Salix, Season 1

S1 E1: Well Met

Alba is summoned to remove some unexpected snakes from King Gunther’s head, and saddled with a bothersome young patient — not to mention some unwanted help from a fairy.

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BONUS! Annotated Recording Script: These are the original recording scripts, with added commentary from us about the writing and production of each episode. We created these as a reward for our Patreon supporters, but this one’s available to all!

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S1 E2: Birds and Beasts

While Alba tends to her two least favourite patients, Magnus receives some advice from the local wildlife.

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S1 E3: Into the Woeful Woods

After the House of Healing’s herb garden is torn out by workmen bearing royal orders, Alba tries to get to the root of the matter while Holly and Magnus venture into the woods to gather more rare plants.

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S1 E4: A Chance to Cure

As Alba and Holly race to cure a deadly outbreak of cranial swelling, Magnus receives a visit from the kingdom’s most feared outlaw.

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S1 E5: To Market, To Market

Alba’s old flame Withrow Lee comes to town selling suspicious potions, inspiring Magnus to get in on the game.

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S1 E6: Wedding Bells

Prelude to Episode 6: Queen Parabel prepares for the wedding of her niece, Princess Minsey.

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The marriage of Prince Bulwark and Princess Minsey could bring peace to two warring nations — if Alba can keep the bride and groom alive until their wedding day.

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