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The Axe & Crown, Season 1

E1: Last Call

Gubbin and his loyal regulars make their last stand.

Episode Transcript

E2: Small Change

New landlord Stan has a few ideas for improving the Axe & Crown.

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E3: Trølsig for Beginners

There’s a new troll in town…

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E4: The Artful Dodger

Betula spills the beans on her recent misadventures.

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E5: The Job Hunt

Stan helps Betula look for work. Gubbin doesn’t.

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E6: What’s Cooking

The Axe & Crown’s kitchen is back in business… but for how long?

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E7: Under Construction

A new pub is moving into the warehouse across the street, and Gubbin isn’t pleased.

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E8: Cracking Up

Something suspicious is going on across the street, at the future home of the Badger & Bucket.

With special guest Sarah Golding!

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E9: Selected Shades of Pink

A new neighbourhood organization aims to clean up Mud Street and Gubbin isn’t impressed. Meanwhile, Stan and Betula have a talk.

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E10: Grand Opening

It’s Grand Opening Day across the street at the Badger & Bucket. Stan is in awe. Betula is skeptical. Gubbin is… suspiciously busy.

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E11: Bowled Over

Gubbin and Betula are set to compete in this year’s Grandville Pub League Siege Bowling Championship — but the new team from the Badger & Bucket have some tricks up their sleeve too.

With special guest Sean Howard.

Episode Transcript

E12: The Art of War

An old enemy comes to town, and the Axe & Crown’s regulars prepare for battle.

With special guest Karim Kronfli — plus cameos by Jack Pevyhouse, Caleb Del Rio and the Aural Traditions cast!

Content Warnings and Episode Transcript