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Launch of Season 2 AMA

Alba is back! Joins us 8pm EDT for a live AMA

Alba Salix, Royal Physician Returns with Volume 2 on November 2

And to celebrate the return of the long-awaited next season, Eli and Sean will be hosting a live AMA session on Instagram and via YouTube Live. This is a session where we answer your questions.

The AMA session will be on Friday, Nov 2 at 8pm New York City (EDT) / 1am London (GMT).

Link to the video stream:

Be sure to send any questions to us via our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or any other of our channels. We look forward to answering your questions and celebrating the return of Alba Salix.

You can follow and subscribe to our YouTube channel and Instagram account.

We will also be posting links 5 minutes prior to the event to the following: