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Special Offer and Mystery Package Update

Image of some of the Special Offer perks for all $5 and up supporters.

A giant shout of thanks to everyone who became a supporter or upped their pledge. You truly surprised us and we are humbled by your continued support.

As of January 12, every active patron at the $5 or higher level will be receiving the Special Offer perks.

So what are the perks? We’ve got the Axe and Crown button, the Axe and Crown coaster and the Alba Salix sticker. But wait, that’s only three tiers and we reached tier 4. What’s up with that?

We never planned for a fourth tier, so we had to scramble. We considered creating another button or sticker, but then we realized we had something even better. Many months back, we brought the End of Time and Other Bothers table together to create a mini-episode, and it was probably one of the funniest things we ever recorded. But things went off the rails at the end and Sean ended up changing the storyverse so drastically that we shelved the episode, expecting to never release it.

But Eli came up with a way to record three additional lines at the end and save the episode. So this is now the tier 4 reward and it will be coming out in about two weeks for all $5 and up supporters. Right now, the working title for this strange little bonus episode is: Swamp Thing.

We are just waiting on new envelopes to arrive and we will get the physical goods from the special offer into the mail.

And we’re also sending out our mystery packages to our $10 and up supporters. These are a little bit less of a mystery this time because of the Special Offer. You’re going to get a few more of the Special Offer items and we also have a couple nice things just for our Benefactors and Nobility level patrons.

We want to close by saying again how much we value you and your support. It truly makes a difference and allows us to devote more time to creating these stories.

- Sean and Eli