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LAUNCHED: The End of Time and Other Bothers, Episode 1: The End

The main characters from Other Bothers go exploring

It’s here. It cannot be postponed any longer. It is The End of Time and Other Bothers, an improvised fantasy roleplaying audio drama set in the world of Alba Salix.

“You’ve never heard anything quite like this, I promise.”
- David Rheinstrom from Radio Drama Revival

“Funny and surprisingly captivating.”
- Zimbellina from

“It’s a genuine new story told using exciting roleplay techniques told with passion and enthusiasm”
- Gavin from The Pod Report

Want the goods?

In episode 1, you’ll meet Blat, a half-demon who just wants to fit in with his fellow file clerks despite his penchant for sulphuric soup and hot coal massages. He was sure that he’d reached the pinnacle of satisfaction in life and had already filed his hopes and dreams under ‘A’ for Attained. Then along came that pesky end of time.

You’ll be tempted to sit down for fairycakes and buttercup tea with Eggerton, a flightless fairy who could chat the ears off a field of corn. He’s a pie chart lover who prefers to put the Personal in Public Relations Professional, and manages to put a positive spin on everything from not-quite-bright enough rainbows to the annihilation of all that is, was and could be.

Rounding out our intrepid trio is Darcy Kimble, a human who most definitely has not attained job satisfaction but would think twice before checking the “Heroic Saviour” box on her life goals list. She enjoys centaur clubs, the latest tunes from TekTrollTonic and NOT witnessing the end of life as she knows it.

We invite you to join us for The End of Time and Other Bothers as we navigate Game Master Sean Howard’s richly realized world… a world he apparently plans to destroy. But never fear. With wittery, whimsy and team-building exercises our adventurers will endeavour to save the universe!

This improvisation-first fantasy roleplaying audio drama can be heard every two weeks with each new episode released on Sundays.

Listen to Episode 1 today at, or search for The End of Time and Other Bothers in the podcast app of your choice.

If you don’t tune in, you’ll have no idea what pneumatic tubes, centaur pants and an uplifting slideshow about a devastating explosion have in common!! You don’t want to be THAT person, do you?

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