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Introducing Farlorian Fridays! Other Bothers Play… Larceny

Introducing Farlorian Fridays!

It’s a new tradition we’ve started on our Patreon feed: Every Friday, we’ll be bringing you a new bit of whimsy from the world of Alba Salix: bonus and deleted scenes, unrecorded scripts and games of various sorts. We’ll also post a few to our Alba Salix and Other Bothers podcast feeds, but Patreon patrons get to hear them all and hear them first!

Larceny game boxWe are kicking things off with a recording from this past weekend in which the cast of The End of Time and Other Bothers sat down to play Larceny from Waning Gibbous Games.

Larceny is a card game in the style of Apples To Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but one that lends itself very well indeed to improv and roleplaying. It’s themed around a heist, with the goal of stealing anything from diamonds to dinosaur DNA. With a pitch like that, how could we resist?

Download MP3 (23 MB)

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