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Introducing Farlorian Fridays!

It’s a new tradition we’ve started on our Patreon feed: Every Friday, we’ll be bringing you a new bit of whimsy from the world of Alba Salix: bonus and deleted scenes, unrecorded scripts and games of various sorts. We’ll also post a few to our Alba Salix and Other Bothers podcast feeds, but Patreon patrons get to hear them all and hear them first!

Larceny game boxWe are kicking things off with a recording from this past weekend in which the cast of The End of Time and Other Bothers sat down to play Larceny from Waning Gibbous Games.

Larceny is a card game in the style of Apples To Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but one that lends itself very well indeed to improv and roleplaying. It’s themed around a heist, with the goal of stealing anything from diamonds to dinosaur DNA. With a pitch like that, how could we resist?

Download MP3 (23 MB)

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End Notes is our debrief session with the cast and/or crew of The End of Time and Other Bothers. It’s a bonus for our supporters on Patreon, but we’ve posted the first two here to give you an idea of what they’re like. To hear more, visit

In this episode, GM Sean and producer Eli sit down to discuss how EOT fits into the canon of our scripted shows Alba Salix, Royal Physician and The Axe & Crown, and how we’re dealing with creating a biweekly show without burning out.

Listen to the episode (plus credits, content warnings and transcript)