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In Episode 1 of The End of Time and Other Bothers, Blat gets a call on the Speechifyer. Here’s what may have happened just prior to that call.

Floor D7, Room 392, Balgem HQ, Downtown Steadfast. Office of the Assistant Manager of Filing and Operations, Central Region.


(on the Speechifyer)

Ha! Yeah, that was a great game last night!


(sticks her head into the room)

Mr. Heath? I’m sorry, sir, but there’s—


Hold on, Bob.

(covers mouthpiece)

Cheryl, what did I tell you about interrupting me?


I’m sorry, Mr. Heath, but the—


I’m sorry? I’M SORRY?! Cheryl, we’ll talk about this AFTER I get off this call.


Yes, sir.

(closes the door)

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End Notes is our debrief session with the cast and/or crew of The End of Time and Other Bothers, and comes out on the Wednesday following every episode of the main show.

You don’t need to listen to End Notes to make sense of Other Bothers — they’re just here to fill you in on some of the game mechanics, world-building and on-the-fly decisions that went into making the show.

The first two End Notes episodes will appear on the main podcast feed, to give you an idea of what they’re like. Future episodes will be a bonus for our supporters on Patreon.

Episode Transcript