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14: Between, Part 2

Darcy, Eggerton, Blat and Magnus flee the fearsome Celene into perilous territory.

After this episode, we’ll be taking a short break while we roll out Season Two of Alba Salix, Royal Physician. Our adventurers will return in December!

Download MP3 (109 MB)

Game Master: Sean Howard
Players: Michael Howie, Carter Siddall and Marisa King, plus special guest Julian Sark.

Dialogue editing and transcription: Michael Howie
Additional material and sound design: Eli McIlveen
Story consultant: Laura Packer
Game consultant: Stephen Smith

Content Warning: Asphyxiation, falling from heights, doom, destruction, despair and nudity.

This week’s podcast recommendation: Tails from the Dark Dragons Inn!

Full episode transcript to come.