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15: Solstice

It’s a gloomy Winter Festival as Darcy and Eggerton return to the Academy. Blat looks for an escape from Celene’s advances. Ananka confronts Greg about his betrayal.

We’re back from our hiatus, and we’ll resume our regular schedule in the new year — every two weeks starting January 13!

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Game Master: Sean Howard
Players: Marisa King, Michael Howie and Carter Siddall, plus special guests Maggie Makar and Julian Sark.

Dialogue editing and transcription: Michael Howie
Additional material and sound design: Eli McIlveen
Story consultant: Laura Packer
Game consultant: Stephen Smith

Content Warning: Gloom, doom, drunkenness and depression, war, separation, vomiting and whole ton of sexual harassment.

Full episode transcript to come.