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Every Monday, Sean and Eli host a Twitter chat where we interview and highlight a comedy writer and their work. As comedy writers, it is easy to think of our work as beneath the other great forms, but it is not. It is an art form that plays a critical role in our society.

(W)e’ve been led to believe that drama is the truth, and comedy is just silliness and gags.

But drama actually tells a lie. It’s a beautiful lie, but it leaves out the messy parts of being human.

— Steve Kaplan

Here are all our #ComedyScribeMonday chats, neatly compiled for your reading convenience!

  • Steve Kaplan – Writer, teacher and a leading expert on comedy for more than 15 years, and author of the book, The Hidden Tools of Comedy.
  • The Axe & Crown – Follow the development of a big scene from the pilot episode, from first draft to final recording script.
  • Alexander Danner – Author, playwright, and co-creator of the ensemble drama podcast Greater Boston.
  • David K. Barnes – Writer, playwright, coach and the creator and head writer of the lauded podcast sitcom Wooden Overcoats.
  • Maxamillian John – accomplished writer, one quarter of Definitely Human (makers of sci-fi comedy MarsCorp) and a player on the actual-play podcast The Infinite Bad.
  • Eric Silver – Dungeon Master of the actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast Join the Party.
  • Thoreau Smiley – Creator and producer of the supernaturally satirical serial Attention HellMart Shoppers!
  • Jake Song – Creator of horror-comedy Misadventure by Death and actor / writer on Jim Robbie and the Wanderers.
  • Orlando Segarra and Gabe Templin – Founders of Just Press Playhouse and writers of Flushed With Love and Time Trip!
  • Tom Crowley – Playwright and podcaster, actor on Wooden Overcoats and Victoriocity, and presenter/producer of Story Etc.
  • Jen and Chris Sugden – Creators of the steampunk comedy-mystery Victoriocity.
  • Hari Rai Khalsa – Writer and co-creator of the post-apocalyptic romp Radiation World.