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Farloria and Beyond

Map of Farloria
Farloria and Surrounding Lands — map by Kaitlin Statz


Farloria is a small but picturesque country, surrounded by ocean on three sides, the land of Melluria to the southeast, and the vast kingdom of Balgomar to the east. Beyond Cape Smoke lie the independent islands of the Western Reaches, and across the Sea of Skooch to the north is Trølsund, the land of the trolls.


Grandville, the capital of Farloria, sits at the mouth of the River Grand. From a hilltop on the north side of the river, the Royal Palace overlooks the city and the harbour. Down the road, at the edge of town, is the House of Healing, a tiny hospital which is also home to Alba Salix herself, as well as her apprentice Magnus.

It’s a small town, but growing fast these days. Check out the bustling central market, full of vendors, cafés and entertainers, close to the great Lookout Bridge which spans the River Grand and offers a beautiful view out to the sea.

Across the bridge, the south side of Grandville is more rough-and-tumble. Warehouses line the shipping docks along River Street, and running up the hill from there, you’ll find Mud Street, home to a little tavern called The Axe & Crown.