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Cast & Crew

Carter Siddall

Carter Siddall — Blat

Carter Siddall played Dungeons & Dragons in his early teens, but thought there were too many rules, the other characters were too serious and it all felt like… work. He much preferred his time spent in community theatre (there were girls) and classes at The Second City. Playing The End of Time & Other Bothers as an improv comedy has made his return to the world of RPGs (after thirty years!) much more enjoyable.


Marisa King

Marisa King — Darcy

Marisa received an introductory Dungeons & Dragons game as a gift way back when, but quickly gave up when she and her family could not even defeat the first monster of the game, which appeared to be a centipede on steroids. She was reintroduced to RPGs very recently, with Episode 1 of Other Bothers marking her third game ever in a roleplaying universe. Although she is more at home on the stage, Other Bothers has been a welcome opportunity to practice her improv skills and have a whole heck of a lot of fun with her fellow players.

Michael Howie

Michael Howie — Eggerton

Michael Howie is an international award-winning journalist, canine cuddle consultant, and flightless human. He enjoys short walks to the fridge, short socks, and tall tales. He hosts Defender Radio: The Podcast for Wildlife Advocates & Animal Lovers. Michael lives in Hamilton, Ontario and is sometimes allowed to sleep in his own bed with his family of dogs.

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Laura Packer

Laura Packer — Story Consultant

Laura Packer started playing Dungeons and Dragons before mass produced twenty-sided dice were easily available. Her love of gaming has transformed into a love for performance storytelling, often with a hefty dose of improv. With a degree in folklore and mythology, she has told, taught, ranted, raved, consulted and considered storytelling around the world; she has won multiple awards for her work. When she isn’t telling stories she is hand-feeding chipmunks, eavesdropping on strangers, drinking tea, and reading yet another book of fairy tales.  |  Blog  |  Twitter  |  Facebook

Maggie Makar

Maggie Makar — Ananka

Maggie was raised believing that stirring tea with a knife invited bad luck and has been summoning a certain Slavic witch this way ever since. She has been contorting her face and voice since flying into existence and is a regular improviser at her second home, Staircase Improv.


Sean Howard

Sean Howard — Game Master

Sean loves creating complicated plotlines only to have his amazing players throw them out the window with a fantastic decision or offer. He brings his dated but extensive experience as a 15-year-old playing D&D through the night, and his love of animals. He is also the co-producer of Alba Salix, Royal Physician.

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Stephen Smith — Game Consultant

Stephen has been collecting board games since the days of Monopoly and Risk. He now has a collection of over 600 tabletop games, from board games to RPGs and beyond.

Eli McIlveen

Eli Hamada McIlveen — Writing and Sound Design

Eli is the creator of Alba Salix. He grew up in northern Ontario on a diet of blueberries and public broadcasting, and began collecting strange noises the moment he first laid his hands on a tape recorder. These days he works as a freelance audio editor/sound designer. He and Sean live in Hamilton with their roommate Stephen and their dog, Ms. Mae van de Wag.

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